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The FineSpine™ Method, now 8 years on this site, is FineSpine Ltd's only source of income. Tho one "...does not hear much about it...", we consider this world-class product somehow too valuable to sell...or give is all we have to offer and was provided/seeded/disseminated for about 18 months to the no-charge....

Yet for our own growth and good we find we must need here to encourage any of those having thus gotten our product to yet consider FSLtd for some "...fair enough..." compensation, either via our Pay Pal Link - or via the U.S. Mail:

Mailing Address:

FineSpine Ltd.
P.O. Box 251
Portage, WI  53901

Also please consider mail-ordering above a signed 1st print hard copy of  A SpineHolder's Manual.
We think you will not be disappointed. But be advised: Tho quite brief...
"...Reading the manual but once is some like having yet not read it at all...".

FineSpine Ltd. may be also be contacted by email at:
Please be patient...we do not "auto-respond".

For any who wish, this is our  Pay Pal Link.
Please consider support for FineSpine Ltd.
Thank you.

Neal Hurd

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